YOKU MOKU’s Cigare

YOKU MOKU’s Cigare

YOKU MOKU’s Cigare is rolled up thin cookie, and the shape is looks like a cigar.
“Cigare” means a cigarette in French.

Fragile but the buttery taste is so great. Especially gently sweetness, texture, and smell. The cookie is thin and the cigarette shape deliver the smell to your nose. That make you so graceful feelings.
Good with coffee, black tea, and milk. Maybe not with green tea.
People buy this snack as a present, when people visit somebody’s home, leave office, or seasonal gift (Japanese culture).
If people gave it to somebody, they think the person who gave it to them looks like a nice person because it’s so tasty and also usually not going to by for our self. 😉


In 2019, 50th anniversary for them.
They start selling limited edition for 50th anniversary in abroad only.
If you have a chance to visit Japan, you can get them and make your friends impressed. lol

Double chocolat au lait is also great


Gently sweet chocolate sandwiched by crunchy cookies.

You can get those ones in USA and some other countries.
But one thing you can’t get ….

YOKU MOKU’s Cigare Ice Cream

This is more like cigare, because they have no hole! Filled up with ice cream.
Even in Japan, you can get through online or few stores.


Cookies diameter is bigger than usual. (for ice cream)
People love it.
Actually I didn’t try this yet, next time in Japan, I’ll try.
At least my friend who knows a lot of good food loves it.
Also there are so many great review.

Where can I get this in Japan?

At department store, official cafe or online. 

Ordering snacks online when visiting Japan (Pick up at convenience store)

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