Ramen Snacks

What if Ramen can be snacks?

Have you ever had Ramen snacks?

People love Ramen, right?
From my personal experience, literary everybody love Ramen.

It’s really hard to find good Ramen restaurant outside of Japan.
Plus you cannot bring it home even if its instant noodle.
Instant Ramen contains chicken or pork soup, means can’t go through with custom.

But Ramen snacks, you can bring it home!
It calls “Baby Star Ramen Maru”.
Maru means circle in Japanese.
The shape of this snack is circle, you can see on the package.

This is basically chicken Ramen.
Of course it doesn’t have soup, not hot either.

But tastes so good.
This series has several versions:
Cheese Ramen, hmm, yumyum….

Those circle shaped ones are not only crispy but also crunchy because it has high density.
One more good thing, it’s hard to get your hands dirty.
You need only two fingers, so good with work.
Also good with chopsticks, your hand never get dirty.
(I believe most Asian people tried this before πŸ˜‰ )

↓ This is more like “Kakinotane” which is mixed spicy rice cakes and peanuts snacks.
Spicy & contains peanuts. From here, not shaped circle.
My husband loves it.

Bigger one is also great.
You can find some private brand version at each convenience store.

5 packages
On the internet, you can get a 3 flavor, 5 package set as well.

Most convenience store has this one or similar private brands one.
You can get there at Don Quijote as well.
They also has local flavors, if you visit country side, please take a look πŸ˜‰

What happens if we add some hot water?

When I was a high school kid, some of my friends tried add some hot water, and they say it’s not bad.
(It was $1 ish so much cheaper than instant ramen.)

But nowadays, nobody do that anymore as far as I know.
So probably not good that much.

Where can I get them?

At convince store, super market, Don Quixote or online.

Ordering snacks online when visiting Japan (Pick up at convenience store)

More Japanese SNACKS?

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