Spicy banana shaped seeds made of rice cake. Today, regular KakinoTane contain peanuts, but there is also a version sold without peanuts.
There are various opinions about when/why start put KakinoTane and peanuts together.
Some people like both, some people like only rice cakes part.
When I was a child, I picked up all peanuts because to spicy for me. My parents likes both rice cake and peanuts, so we ate like a kind of competition 😉

This is the most popular and easy to get I feel.
And has a lots of flavors.
One of my followers on Twitter says
 My father in law (French) says, THE BEST SNACK FOR BEER!!
He talked about this down below:

Wasabi flavor
I hear a lot of non- Japanese people liked this flavor when Japanese people gave it to them.
You can feel the spice in your nose.
(It makes wake you up! lol)

Do you like Umeboshi ? Umeboshi is usually sour tasted Japanese apricot/plum. It made from apricot, so not only sour but also fruity.

Ume-shiso flavor

Ume is Japanese apricot, Shiso is minty leafs.
Umeboshi is usually picked with salt and Shiso. The reason why Umeboshi has sourly flavor is plum has citric acid from the beginning. 


They also have limited time flavor.
I recommend the current limited time flavor if you like spicy snacks:

This one contains Chinese prickly-ash, it has a rich flavor and is super spicy. Trust me, this one is really spicy no joke. One of my friends who loves spicy flavor gave it to her co-works, some people coughed.

Where can I get KakinoTane in Japan?

At convince store, super market, Don Quixote and online. 

Ordering snacks online when visiting Japan (Pick up at convenience store)

More Japanese SNACKS?

Is there any links to get recommendation from SNACKING JAPAN?