Gummy, taste like real fruits

What is Gummy the deference between Japanese one and others?

Gummy, usually it’s really sugary. Just sugary.
Sometimes, you can see the sugar it’s self.

Japanese Gummy is also sugary, but taste is like real fruit.
I’m going to introduce you popular gummy’s in Japanese people.



This gummy’s texture is almost real fruit.
Outside part has a kind of tension, and then you bit it, the inside is super juicy like real grapes!!
People surprised.
It’s differently worth to try.
You can pronounce it more like “COLOLO”, similar to Colorado.

Kajitsu Gumi


This is also taste like fruit.
It was my “it snack” when I was a high school kid. Yes, this is tasty and cheap, just $1 I guess πŸ˜‰



This is similar to Welch’s fruit snacks.
If your scared to try Japanese gummy, you can start from this one!



My husband and his friend american loves this.
Texture is similar to, aimed for pasta fettuccine (also looks), that’s why they named after the pasta.
A bit too sweet for me, and the sugar particule on the surface makes me feel guilty… lol

Pure Gumi

Pure Gumi

This one is unique compare to other ones.
Sour powder on the surface, at first, you might twist your face πŸ˜‰
But after that, you can get sweet part! yum yum…
It’s really sour, no joke. So you can enjoy two tastes.
When I first ate it, feel like oh wow…. (sour…), and then feel safe with sweet gummy, kind of addicted. Pain and sweet like good cop and bad cop, (it’s little bit exaggerated) but I love it!!

Where can I get this in Japan?

At convince store, super market, Don Quixote or online. 

Ordering snacks online when visiting Japan (Pick up at convenience store)

More Japanese SNACKS?

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