Ordering snacks online when visiting Japan

Can I use Amazon.co.jp without address in Japan?

While you are traveling, it’s so hard to get/find what you want at the fiscal store.
Even you can reach the correct store, your ideal item could be out of stock.
Some other times, it’s possibly only on the internet.
If so, don’t worry.
Japanese “Convenience store” can solve the problem.
They have a service for receive and keep your package for few days.
Also you can pick the date which they delivered, so you can start shopping ahead of time.

the answer is,
Yes, you can!

Here is official description:
You can chose the nearest convenience store by your hotel.
One thing, watch out The pickup period.

If you don’t speak Japanese,
you can show this message to the convenience store’s employee down below:

First step

And then, please show them your confirmation mail.
(If you order from different services (not from Amazon) and you’d like to use the picture above,
please let me know here. I can arrange it for you! )
If their gesture seems doesn’t have your package,
You can show the next message down below:

second step

If ②,
(Especially in the center of Tokyo, there are so many convenience stores.
Sometimes by 30 steps each, no joke.)

ask store

Nailed it!!

Save your shopping time and enjoy more sightseeing!

If you would like to get the conversation as a PDF file, click here!
Unfortunately, there are few free WiFi zone in Japan, so just in case.

If you need more instruction slides, please let me know from contact form or comments.
I’d love to hear from you.

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