Black Thunder

You can get Black Thunder almost everywhere at convenience store.

Their advertising slogan is:Delicious lightning class
Looks like chocolate bar, contains cookies.
So this is more like American sweet level than average Japanese snacks.

This is cheep (you can get 3 for $1) but tastes so good.
I bought it all the time when I was a college kid.
Especially before and during exam season.

One time, famous Japanese gymnast Kōhei Uchimura who is Olympic gold medalist said:
“I love the Black thunder, I eat this all the time. During waiting my performance as well.”
at his interview.

From the next day, it’s gone from every single convenience store for few weeks.
(Japanese Version of Wikipedia mentioned about Black Thunder)

Where is my Black Thunder~!!!!
At that time I was very mad at him 😉

Anyway, it’s really good and cheap snack.

Siblings of Black Thunder

The picture, top of this page is basic one.
You can get other flavor like this:
Bitter version
Strawberry version
I’ve never eat both of them yet.
I should try next time when I go back to Japan.

They also have local or seasonal version:

It was sweeter than usual as far as I remember.


The company which making this snack have their own products, this series and other chocolates.
You can take a look from this page.
Unfortunately they don’t have English page so far.

And they have their own shops. (You’ll jump to official website)
You can get limited edition or local only Black Thunder.
Details on the website above.

The picture which on top of this page was Valentine’s day edition.
One of our interesting culture is Valentine’s day.
We have friend’s chocolate, thank you chocolate, and romantic one.
Black Thunder is cheap but good, so kind of nice thank you gift.

Where can I get them?

Normal ones, at convenience store, super market, 100 yen shop, Don Quijote

If you have no time to get there or finish packing ahead of time
here is the solution:

Ordering snacks online when visiting Japan (Pick up at convenience store)

More Japanese SNACKS?

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