GINZA WEST -The best almond cookie SABLEST-

The best Japanese almond cookie

One of the popular gifts is this, almond cookie SABLEST.
When Japanese people visit somebody’s home, usually bring some gift as a sign of thank you for inviting me/us.
This is a bit fancy, so kind of nice gift 😉

Produced by a really famous brand:
They started the business in 1947.
At first, they were a restaurant. When their business was in danger, since then they started making cookies, it was in 1962.
Let’s take a look at their masterpieces!

Leaf Pie

Their signature item is the Leaf pie.

leaf pie

Crispy and gently sweetness… so yummy 🙂


But my favorite product is

Almond cookie SABLEST

The best Japanese almond cookie I’ve ever had.
This is great!
When you bite it, it reminds you of the Chessman.
Buttery, sugary, and a bit salty…
Feel so rich 😉 
Good with black tea, coffee, and of course milk as well.
This is not super sweet.
But decent, gentle, graceful sweet cookies.

almond cookie

When I brought this to my husband’s family and his work, mother-in-law, great aunt in law, and coworkers loved it!!
FYI: They are Americans.

These have about 5 weeks until expiration day.
Good to bring it back to your country as well.
If you have Japanese friends and give it to them,
they will be so happy I’m sure.

Where can I get them?

You can get these at airports and some department stores.

And they also have some cafes at Ginza, Aoyama, and Yokohama.

If you have no time to get there or finish packing ahead of time
here is the solution:

Ordering snacks online when visiting Japan (Pick up at convenience store)


You can get the best almond cookie SABLEST through Amazon and pick it up at a convenience store 🙂 
Free from negotiating with hotel people!

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