SNACKING JAPAN is going to introduce you my favorite Japanese snacks which you can get in Japan.
Since I start living in the US, I really miss Japanese snacks which gently sweet or savory salty snacks.

Some people who loves Japan gave me some Japanese snacks from Trip to Japan.
I’m really happy and want to get some more by myself.
Also feel wired in the same time because bring Japanese snacks from Japan was kind of my specialty 😉

And then, start thinking:
If more and more people who lives in abroad loves Japanese snacks, eventually, can I get a lots of kind snacks here as well?

But even if it’s a company, import/export needs a lots of fuel, pass the rules, effort and costs.
Plus they have no idea consumers demand, popular packages and so on.
What if corporate other snack company in abroad?
They can corporate efficiency, marketing, design as well.
I hope it happens everywhere in the world.
That’s my dream and goal 🙂

Who is writing of SNACKING JAPAN?

Hi I’m Rikako! I grow up and lived in Japan for 30 years. Got married and moved in to US.
I’m like a baby in this country so far.
I have no idea this country’s law, car rules either.
But most important thing which I’d like to know is more tiny thing, for example what snack, salt, cookware or shampoo, are popular or good.
Especially, while I’m traveling abroad, I’m interested in normal life or the people who lives at that country. So, I decide make a website about snacks for traveler to recommend snacks.

Thank you.

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